Harvia and the Fearless Finns sign partnership for coming seasons – Alpine and Freestyle skiers to become Harvia’s new sauna ambassadors

Press Release | 8 September 2021

Harvia, a global leader in the sauna and spa market, have signed a partnership with Ski Sport Finland to support the national alpine and freestyle skiing teams in the upcoming seasons. The Ski Sport Finland team, who are known as the Fearless Finns are heading towards the new season with great energy and potential, and will have Harvia alongside of them as one of the team partners. Harvia gets to partner up with a young team full of sauna ambassadors, that are hungry for success.

With the partnership, Harvia wants to support these young athletes as they aim for success while showcasing the effects sauna can have on recovery and wellbeing before and after races and training sessions. Whether it be high speeds or big jumps during a race day in the mountains or an off-season workout at the gym, saunas are great tools to help the mind and body relax and recover. The healing heat of a sauna can also be a great warm-up before a race, and a relaxing way to unwind for better sleep afterwards.

Harvia is also one of the main partners at the Levi World Cup in November, where the Fearless Finns get to compete on home turf and Harvia will be there to cheer them on.

Marcus Sandell, Project and Key Account Manager of Ski Sport Finland is excited about the partnership:

– Having Harvia as an official team partner and as the newest member of the Fearless Finns family is something our team is most proud of. The importance that recovery and wellbeing has, both physically and mentally, on our everyday performance is vital. Taking a moment to relax and reflect helps us focus when in the calm before the storm. It is an essential part of the process enabling us to reach our set goals. Like Harvia, the Fearless Finns aim to be the top performer on a demanding international scene. We look forward working together with fearless determination and hope to inspire as many possible on the way.

The partnership is fueled by a common desire to fearlessly showcase skills and know-how to the world. Alpine and freestyle skiing are popular sports, especially in central Europe and North America. These are important areas for Harvia as well, because of the rapidly growing number and awareness of saunas and its health benefits. Instinctively, the partnership is titled “Skiing with Heat”, and the partnership can be followed on social media with the tag #skiingwithheat.

– We warmly welcome Ski Sport Finland’s teams as Harvia’s sauna ambassadors to spread the word of the health benefits of sauna. I am positive, that with the help of these fearless skiers we can find new ways of communicating with audiences both in Finland and abroad, says Päivi Juolahti, Harvia’s VP of Marketing & Innovation.

The contract was signed until the end of the 2022-2023 season. The alpine skiers start their world cup season in Sölden 17th of November and the freestyle team in Chur 22th of November.

More information:

Päivi Juolahti
VP of Marketing & Innovation
+358 407 033 480

Marcus Sandell
Project Manager
Ski Sport Finland
+358 414 333 087