Harvia renews its wood-burning heater line: Improved quality, efficiency, and delivery reliability – The product group is awarded with the Key Flag label

Press Release | 27 June 2024

Harvia has upgraded its wood-burning heater production line to improve quality, efficiency, and reliability. The renovation includes increased automation using the latest manufacturing technologies. These upgrades and the structural updates of the wood-burning heaters ensure higher quality and more user-friendly products for customers.

For example, the new heaters have a reinforced back of the firebox with a double structure to cool the heater body. The chimney connections have also been updated to meet future fireplace requirements. With these improvements, the new Harvia wood-burning heaters maintain the same familiar appearance and dimensions, making it easy to replace your old heater with a new, upgraded model.

"The manufacturing technology of our new production line increases the level of automation and enables more precise manufacturing methods, allowing us to improve production efficiency, increase capacity, and meet long-term demand growth," says Tuomo Kakkonen, Production Director at Harvia.

The frame upgrade and advanced manufacturing technology will ensure the heaters' high and consistent quality. Additionally, these enhancements will improve material efficiency, support recycling efforts, and guarantee better delivery times. Harvia's new wood-burning heaters have been awarded with the Key Flag label, which signifies Finnish craftsmanship. This registered label indicates that the product is made in Finland and supports local employment. The Key Flag reliably shows the Finnish origin of the product.

"Finnish work is appreciated worldwide and the Key Flag label is a sign of our respect for the work and unique expertise in Muurame, Finland," says Mika Suoja, Head of Operations at Harvia.

All Harvia wood-burning heaters will have their frame upgrades completed by the end of 2024.