Sustainability program 2022–2025

Sustainability is part of our everyday life

Sustainability program 2022-2025

Harvia’s sustainability program 2022–2025 is based on a mapping of stakeholders and their needs, data gathering, benchmarking, and a materiality analysis, which provided information for target setting. In 2023, Harvia also conducted a double materiality assessment, identifying the most significant sustainability topics as well as determining how Harvia Group impacts the world (impact materiality) and how different aspects of sustainability affect Harvia Group.

Harvia is committed to contributing to good and healthy living, providing sustainable experiences and enjoyment, minimizing its carbon footprint and creating a safe and warm community to its key stakeholders. Those are the four pillars that form the basis of Harvia’s sustainability program for 2022–2025, serving both people and the planet.

Our four sustainability commitments and our long-term sustainability goals
Everyone with access to sauna
100% sustainably sourced
Zero emissions
Zero accidents

#1 For good and healthy living

  • We create a positive impact on the health and longevity of people with our offering.
  • We actively share science-based information on the health benefits of heat and promote the healthy regimen of using the sauna regularly.

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#2 For sustainable experiences & enjoyment

  • We actively guide our end users in responsible use of our products.
  • We invest in research and development of products that reduce emissions and optimize energy consumption.
  • We use sustainable and sustainably sourced materials.

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#3 For minimizing our environmental footprint

  • We strive to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of our operations to limit global warming and contribute to global efforts in safeguarding the environment.

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#4 For safe and warm community

  • We believe that by collaborating and supporting each other we create wellbeing and long relationships with everyone from our employees to customers and partners.
  • We look after the safety, equality, and competence development of our people.

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