Sustainability is part of our everyday life

Sustainability is a part of our everyday life. We have sustainably developed our operations, products and solutions for already over 70 years, as Harvia has developed from a traditional sauna and heater manufacturer into a leading player in the international sauna and spa market.

Harvia manufactures durable and safe products sustainably. For a long time, we have invested in taking environmental aspects into consideration all the way from designing to
production, logistics, use and recycling.

In 2020, we summarized our responsibility into four areas:

  • environmental impacts of production
  • personnel
  • products and
  • a responsible code of conduct.

The most important impacts our operations have on the environment, people and society originate from the primary production of raw materials and other materials used in production, our own production facilities, our operations as an employer as well as the use of our products. Producing heaters and saunas requires steel, electronic and electrical components, as well as wood. In addition, we procure stone, glass and significant volumes of other materials necessary for production.

We want to provide consumers around the world with the relaxing and health-promoting effects of sauna bathing.