For good and healthy living

Harvia wants to create a positive impact on the health and longevity of people with its sauna and spa offering. The company collaborates with researchers and scientists and actively shares science-based information on the health benefits of heat and promotes using the sauna regularly. Harvia is also networking with other health companies for potential future co-operation. It is very important to guide the customers and end-users in the right use of Harvia’s products in order to help them to gain the optimal benefit and experience.

We inspire more people to have a sauna and become aware of the health benefits of sauna & spa.

Päivi Juolahti, Head of Marketing and Brands

Over 500 studies have been conducted about the health benefits of sauna all over the world. Harvia’s mission of “healing with heat and providing long and good quality of life” has been further supported and amplified by new research and evidence. An interesting area from the health perspective that Harvia is also looking into is the opposite of heat: cold therapy. Regularly exposing the body to cold water for short periods of time brings several health benefits.

Harvia has provided financing and infrared saunas to a research group consisting of researchers from the University of Jyväskylä in Finland, Mid Sweden University, and the Finnish Institute of High Performance Sport KIHU. The group is conducting a study on the effects of regular use of infrared sauna on the recovery and performance development of athletes, as well as on the circulatory system of fitness enthusiasts. The results of the study will be available during 2024.