For sustainable experience & enjoyment

Harvia invests in sustainability in product design, production and logistics. A durable product is sustainable in itself thanks to its long useful life. The products are designed to be repairable, and Harvia offers spare parts services for them. Another significant factor is the good recyclability of both the materials used in products and of the product itself. Harvia’s products in Finland and Germany are manufactured from over 90 percent recycled steel. Stainless steel itself is 100 percent recyclable.

Product quality, safety and reliability are of paramount importance to Harvia.

All heaters meet the requirements of the target market legislation. Harvia carries out continuous testing of its products to ensure safety and compliance with local regulations and requirements. Harvia also studies the energy consumption of electric heaters in different set-ups in its own test saunas.

Involving in industry standardization

Harvia is actively involved in industry standardization internationally through research projects and committees. The company is also contributing to the EU level standardization work for residential solid fuel burning appliances, which includes cleaner burning. Harvia’s long-term involvement in research projects related to cleaner burning helps the company meet the tightening emission requirements set by the European Union, which will take effect after 2024.

It’s important that our end-customers always select the right product for their need – and they know how to use, maintain and recycle our products in a sustainable manner.

Timo Harvia, Head of Innovation and Technology

Harvia pays special attention to guidance in the proper use of both wood-burning and electric sauna heaters. In 2023, the guidance focused on energy efficiency to help consumers to find the right product for their needs. Harvia commissioned a thesis at the University of Eastern Finland to explore the emissions from heaters in sauna rooms and how they differ from emissions originating from other sources. The result was that sauna heaters do not emit more particles into indoor air than normal household appliances.

74% of Harvia’s existing suppliers of goods and services comply with the Code of Conduct.

Harvia requires that all its suppliers act responsibly and that its contract suppliers commit to the Harvia Supplier and Partner Code of Conduct, which is divided into ethics, corruption, labor force, health and safety, and environment. In 2022, service suppliers were added to the commitment and the Code of Conduct was extended to cover all Harvia Group companies. The majority (74%) of existing suppliers of goods and services at Harvia have agreed to comply with the Code of Conduct, and compliance is a prerequisite for new suppliers. The company’s goal is that all suppliers whose annual purchases by Harvia total at least 20,000 euros have committed to the Code of Conduct by 2027.