Annual Report 2021

We grew strongly, improved our productivity, and developed our sustainability work

CEO’s review

I am very happy of being part of the outstanding Harvia team that delivered an excellent performance despite the challenges caused by the pandemic. We are very pleased with our 2021 results.

Key figures
179.1 M€
64.2 %
Revenue growth
47.3 M€
Adjusted operating profit
20.4 M€
Operating free cash flow
42.4 %
Equity ratio
11.8 M€

Year of international growth

To support our growth, we made record investments of EUR 11.8 million into increasing productivity and capacity. The acquisitions of still-water hot tub manufacturer Kirami and sauna stone supplier Sauna-Eurox strengthened our sauna and spa offering. We also signed a distribution agreement with Bergman Ltd, aiming to become the number one sauna brand in Japan.


Our strategy is focused on increasing the value of the average purchase, geographical expansion, and continuous improvement of productivity. In 2021, strategy implementation proceeded according to the plan in all areas. We grew our market share and became the largest company in the industry measured in revenue.

Together, Finnish still-water hot tub manufacturer Kirami and Harvia are creating a backyard paradise for consumers.

German sauna technology provider EOS Group continues to drive the premium and professional channel as a member of Harvia Group.
Supply chain
Harvia’s supply chain excelled despite some challenges concerning the availability of raw materials and componentry as well as climbing prices.

Innovations and new products

Harvia’s passion is to innovate future sauna and spa experiences with healing heat for different sauna cultures.


We want to lead the way in the industry for more sustainable sauna experiences that promote health and wellbeing. In 2021, we focused on developing solutions for cleaner burning and improving the recyclability of materials, among others.

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Annual Report 2021
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