Harvia starts co-determination negotiations due to the suspension of operations in Russia

News | 25 May 2022
Harvia has decided to initiate co-determination negotiations in accordance with the Finnish Co-operation Act. The reason for the change negotiations is the suspension of Harvia’s operations in Russia due to the war in Ukraine. Combined with the growing general uncertainty, Harvia considers it necessary to adjust the company’s production capacity and other personnel resources.

According to Harvia’s estimate, the personnel reduction need at Harvia Finland Oy would be less than 10 person-years. Additional adjustments are planned to be carried out through temporary layoffs of up to 90 days and annual leave arrangements at Harvia Finland Oy, Velha Oy, and Harvia Group Oy.

The change negotiations concern approximately 230 persons in Finland. Harvia Group employs approximately 830 persons in total.